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We Got The Fix: AminoFix For Hair Growth

Hair regeneration is a popular local drug store aisle. Products dedicated to promising restoration in hair loss. Even promising to add volumes of body to already thinning hair. Vitamins, ointments, creams, rollers… you name it, you’ll find it. 

Unfortunately with a lot of over the counter cosmetics, the guarantee is lackluster. The choices are overwhelming, and without doing your homework can be a daunting and an expensive task. 

Studies have shown half of all men experience hair loss. One in three women will experience hair loss. Thankfully for the advanced technology today, producing results can be more effective with non-invasive ways to remedy the insecurity that comes along with hair loss. 

For many years, hair loss solutions were only available through surgical treatments and limited to products like Rogaine and Propecia. With technology today, non-surgical hair restoration therapies using Platelet Rich Plasma and AminoFix (Human Amnion) show advanced results by stimulating inactive hair follicles through stem cells. 

What is PRP?

Stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. It’s a concentration of platelets that is present in your own body. These platelets have shown to be rich in sources of proteins and these proteins are growth factors. They allow the stem cell activity to stimulate unresponsive hair follicles. 

AminoFix Technology

This is a matrix of human amnion/chorion membrane for homologous use to modulate inflammation. It is also known to reduce scar tissue and the formation of scar tissue and enhance healing on a cellular level. It heals through repairing and regenerating tissues. Which also contain types of collagen. Collagen I, III, IV, V and VII and proteoglycans, elastin, laminin, and fibronectin.

By combining PRP injections and AminoFix, it creates a powerful hair restoration tool that can develop results for up to 2 years. A treatment that has such long-lasting results that the frequency of the product becomes less over time due to high growth factors. 

By harnessing the power of stem cell rich cord blood and amniotic fluid products, hair restoration is more available. One of the most highly effective treatments on the market, AminoFix is a collagen-rich product made with placental tissue. Placenta has been known to have many healing and cosmetic properties. It contains 226 growth factors and cytokines that specifically stimulate hair growth. Injected into the scalp, AminoFix uses these ingredients to boost hair growth where it’s been lost. 

The placenta has been sought out and used for it’s healing properties in the body and it’s important to note that the donated placenta comes from women who have had a C-section and agree to give it up after birth. And after thorough testing for contaminants and disease, the placenta is collected from baby and mother without affecting either one of them in the least. 

This makes AminoFix treatment ethical and avoids any complicated personal convictions. 

AminoFix and Amniotic Fluid hair restoration therapy extracts are normally used for sports injuries and facial rejuvenations. These are affordable and easy ways to treat patients with little discomfort. 

Not only for hair loss but for thinning hair. AminoFix stimulates cell migration and cell growth in areas that haven’t produced hair for years. These treatments will slow or possibly reverse hair loss, by restoring and strengthening human cell structures. 

Because the placenta is donated and contains human tissue, it becomes biologically activated when it’s injected into the scalp. An all-natural treatment that heals the scalp and begins to grow new hair after years of loss. With low risk, because it’s all natural, complications are rare. 

Who’s A Good Candidate?

Anyone can benefit from these hair restoration treatments. Whether they want to preserve or restore quality or quantity, or prevent hair from shedding and thinning. It also can take the place of medications like Propecia and Rogaine. 

Treatments have less of an effect on patients who have had severe hair loss or loss of the follicle. Hair follicles that still exist produce the best long-term results and restoration of your head of hair. Bringing back dead follicles are normally impossible to treat but all patients have different reactions to treatment. 

The longevity of treatments vary depending on the patient. However, most studies show that it can last years. Depending on how advanced your hair thinning and loss is, determines the frequency of treatment and may require more than the average.

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