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The Benefits Of Fat Grafting For Facial Aging

Botox has been in the cosmetology game a really long time. Women and men, both, turn to Botox to adjust fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin on the face that develops over time with age. Botox is also associated with a lot of stereotypes and visuals that are not always everyone’s preference or cosmetic choice.

Did you know…

There are alternatives? Alternatives that are considered more natural and less “plastic”, if you will. Alternatives like fat grafting.

Fat grafting is a procedure that is similar to Botox. It helps smooth out and eliminate some of the signs of aging. Considering volume loss, especially in the face, is a sign and natural part of the aging process. Having options to remedy these concerns is very important. 

Fat grafting can restore volume loss in the face and improve facial contours. Also known as a fat transfer, fat is removed from one part of the body and injected into the problem areas in the face. These areas can be a product of aging, scarring, or even illness and injury. 

For fillers, they are limited when it comes to the duration of the results. This means your fillers have to be replaced every half or full year depending on how your body responds to that specific filler and dosage. Remember, fillers are synthetic and although completely safe, adverse effects and reactions are a risk you take when you decide on a filler. 

Fat, however, is completely natural. Since your fat is… well, yours. The risk of having an adverse reaction is none at all. These results are also more permanent, if not completely permanent. 

Our fat harbors stem cells which are like a shot of our own youth that has been stored away within our own bodies. These cells help the appearance of tone, texture, have anti-inflammatory benefits, and regenerate blood vessels. This procedure has also been known to be used in cancer patients to help restore functions that have been lost during surgery. 

Fat grafting helps… 

  • Deflated facial features
  • Dark circles
  • Hollow appearances
  • Deep lines and grooves
  • Moderate bands around the neck
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

Where Does The Fat Come From?

The added benefit of fat grafting is the additional liposuction a patient receives. Removing a small amount of excess fat around the abdomen means a flatter stomach and a fuller face. Who can argue with that? However, fat removal can be from different areas depending on the patient. It is likely that fat may also be removed from the thighs. Or wherever excess fat may be easily accessible. 

Your doctor may pre-determine a donor area of fat. An area that is considered to have fatty tissue and excess fatty cells. Your doctor may then use tumescent liposuction to remove the fat and yet still maintain the integrity of the area after transfer. 

Your healthcare provider will strategically remove and inject the fat into your face. Since it’s natural, it’s normal that not all the fat injected will take and only half of the fat removed during the graft will actually stick. Working with a proper surgeon with extensive experience in fat grafting will ensure you get the look and volume desired. The fat is layered into the targets area for desired results. Normally using a small cannula or needle. Initially you may look over filled but this will settle in time. Additional procedures may be necessary but once the desired results are achieved, the look is permanent. Combined with other minimally invasive surgery, may deliver seriously impressive results.

Facial contouring and volume loss is determined by genetics. This is why some people have fuller faces, or higher cheekbones than others. This may mean improving facial structure will vary depending on the patient. 

Mild Recovery With A Mild Downtime

Recovery time from fat transfer or fat grafting can take 7 to 10 days off from work and other activities. Healing may take a few weeks and results may take just as long to be apparent and heal properly. The recovery time in comparison to other surgical methods is fairly mild and improvement happens fast. 

It requires at least a week of downtime and activities like exercise will be limited for several weeks.  

Dr. Balshi specializes in restoring facial fullness with one of the most impacting and effective cosmetic enhancement procedures available: Fat Grafting. Restoring volume with fat from one’s own body to refill areas where fat has been lost is an amazing solution that fights the effects of time and restores youth and beauty. Nothing could be more natural than using one’s own fat through a “fat graft,” “fat transfer,” or “micor-lipo injection.” Fat transfer, or autologous fat grafts, can be used to rejuvenate the face by softly restoring and filling wrinkles and folds, revitalizing lips, and highlighting cheek areas that have become less pronounced. Replacing what’s missing (fat), with what’s missing (fat), couldn’t be more natural.

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