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Using Anti-Aging Skincare Products at Night

Your skin is one of the most important organs of your body. Take care of it… especially before bedtime for maximum care

Have you ever heard that using your anti-aging skin moisturizers at night is the most critical time of the day to do so? Well, if you haven’t heard that as of yet – here is one of your new, number one skin care tips. We should all be used to washing our faces (at the very least) as part of our bedtime routine, but many of us may need to expand our bedtime anti-aging skincare regimens in order to truly maximize the effectiveness and beauty we can achieve through our anti-aging skincare products. Here are some of the reasons to use an anti-aging moisturizer right before bed:

Your skin takes a beating during the day. Your skin faces some serious damage each and every day, just through your daily activities. From putting on your makeup in the morning to walking around in the street facing the sun and wind – you are shedding dead skin cells constantly during the day.

But it rebuilds and grows during the night. As you sleep, your skin revs up the production process of active skin proteins to rebuild all you’ve lost during the day. New skin cells are rapidly built due to this protein production. By using an anti-aging moisturizer at night, you’re giving those brand new cells the exact nourishment they need to absorb the active ingredients in your moisturizer faster than ever.

Your skin is even more absorbent at night. Your skin also goes through extremely fast circulation while you sleep, which will aid in absorption of the critical active ingredients contained in an anti-aging moisturizer. Your skin will thank you for these additional nutrients and filter out all the metabolic waste from the day.

So, why aren’t you using anti-aging moisturizers or serums at night? Sounds like it’s time to start…maximize the benefits you will receive from your anti-aging skincare regimen by using moisturizers in addition to various serums. Balshi Skincare’s REJUVENATE is the best anti-aging moisturizer to use at night. Fortified with six critical peptides that are proven to increase collagen production – it works wonders at nighttime when your skin is rejuvenating on its own!