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Fall Back and Turn the Clock Back on Your SKIN!

The seasons are changing, and so should your skincare routine — don’t fall victim to dry skin!

It’s time to start saying goodbye to summer and HELLO to the fall. That’s right, I am starting to put away my flip flops and beginning to pulling out the boots and scarves. As your summer skincare is starting to run out one needs to start thinking about what our skin will need during the season of change. Without that sun kissed skin one will desire something that brightens skin and helps reverse those fun days of summer in the sun. So when looking for what is going to help me turn back that clock on my skin, I turned to Dermatologist, Dr. Thomas Balshi, to get the new skinny on skincare innovations and how I can keep that glow all year round.

Dr. Balshi recommended to splurge on a Vitamin C serum. Dr. Balshi explained that factors such as UV exposure and smoking produce free radicals and a powerful antioxidant, namely Vitamin C, helps reduce the damage from these. If you slacked on applying sunscreen (wink, wink) Vitamin C has also been known to REVERSE sun damage.

The great thing about Vitamin C is that it does all this, PLUS it has been proven to stimulate collagen production, leaving skin plump and bright.   To top it off, vitamin C also functions as an anti-inflammatory agent to calm the skin while repairing the skin’s moisture barrier so that it can lock in hydration.


THE VERDICT? We all need Vitamin C in our daily skincare regimen! But with so many choices which serum will do exactly what we want it to do?

Well, with much research and talking to many skincare professionals about Vitamin C, I came to realize that Vitamin C comes in many forms and variations and the key is to find one which is in a stable form and that has all the components we need for our skin.

The Vitamin C Serum, I found to love is “Energize” by Balshi Skincare…It has three different stable forms of Vitamin C to help deliver all the different benefits that Vitamin C has to offer the skin. I have been using this Vitamin C Serum for over a month now and love the way my skin looks and feels. This is a MUST have in your daily skincare routine and I can’t live without it.

The best feature of this Vitamin C Serum is that by combining several different forms of Vitamin C, it allows the skin to take in exactly what it needs and delivers benefits to the skin that just one form can’t do alone.


I recommend you go get this Vitamin C Serum NOW!!! Love, Love….