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Vanquish Laser, Does it Work?

 In Florida, optimizing fat reduction with the Vanquish laser is beneficial. It is swimsuit season all year ‘round here. Even when it’s not suitable for bathing suits, the tropical weather is always warm enough for the staple outfit accessories, a pair of shorts and flip flops! 

We live in a world where body image is at a peak, with the accessibility of social media platforms. These are places where people can easily go to flaunt their hard work, be a sponsor or even create a brand and make money. It’s safe to say in a generation of emerging health and wellness gurus, looking your best is at high demand. 

Even when you are your fittest self, there are always areas we tend to struggle with. A place where health and fitness can only get you so far, and we just need a little push in the right direction.


Vanquish Laser, What is it?

If you’re looking to adjust or reshape areas on your abdomen and thighs, Vanquish lasers can help get you the contour you’re looking for. With it being a nonsurgical and non-invasive body contouring procedure. It’s a FDA-cleared option for fat reduction.

It’s designed to hover above and treat a large area in one session. It’s a radio-frequency technology that releases an electromagnetic field over a greater area for treatment. 

It is also contact-free which means the applicator does not touch the skin. Overall, there is no pain management or anesthesia, or any downtime necessary for the treatment. The radio-frequency energy heats the fat layer, which causes fat cells to die. Over the course of weeks to months, your body disposes of the dead cells through your system.


What’s the Process?

For best results, you’ll need several treatments. Before each Vanquish treatment, your measurements will be taken and your weight recorded. They will also check your hydration level, and fat percentage. It’s imperative to hydrate well ahead of time and at least two days post-procedure. This level of hydration helps speed up the metabolic process of breaking down fat and weaning it out. 

During the procedure, you will lay down on the treatment bed and the technician will set the device to hover above you. 

Your skin will heat to approximately 101 degrees Fahrenheit. The fat underneath will heat to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. These devices are monitored to not exceed these temperatures and although sound pretty hot, it has been studied and reported from patients that it heads no discomfort. 


Do Vanquish Lasers Really Work? 

Unlike liposuction, Vanquish Lasers are noninvasive. Which has proven popular over the last couple of years to a decade. But is this noninvasive and little to no downtime too good to be true? 

There have been many studies on the efficiency of radio-frequency lipolysis. In a study overseas, researchers monitored 20 patients who received Vanquish treatment. In conjunction with another study published by Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, an additional 26 patients were studied after about 6 treatments of a Vanquish Laser procedure. All volunteers in each study showed signs of reduced skin thickness after all treatments. 

In addition to skin fold thickness reduction, half of the patients stated that they noticed an improvement in loose skin and cellulite. In turn, advancement in skin tone. Which shows that Vanquish Lasers are not only effective for fat loss but also skin quality. 

In total, results may vary. For the best results, most patients need to schedule several sessions. Which progress appears slowly over time with an average of two to three months. 

In these clinical studies, most patients experienced approximately 2 inches of fat loss off their waist. Improvements in the patient’s waistline was reported as soon as 2 weeks following the last procedure. 


Is It Safe?

In comparison to similar non surgical techniques, Vanquish is one of the lightest of the noninvasive procedures for body contouring. When applied correctly, Vanquish does not cause inflamed or irritated skin sensations. Nor does it carry a high risk of complications for most patients. Moreso, patients are able to resume regular activities immediately after their scheduled procedures. 

In many studies, groups of patients were observed for metabolic syndrome and no link was found between any procedures and long-term changes in the body. It was found that only the patient’s heart rates were mildly altered for a temporary amount of time and was confirmed that small topical side effects such as redness or skin irritation, only lasted a week at most.

Internal and skin temperatures didn’t have any significant effect on any of the patients. But in terms of fat loss, these temperatures were able to increase the speed of natural fat cell death by 387%. 


Safety Measures 

There are built-in safety measures to protect the patients health during the procedure. A safety cord is set-up for the patient during treatment. If the patient experiences discomfort or pain, the treatment can be stopped through this safety device. As well as automatic shut-off mechanisms built into the device. The Vanquish laser machine always adjusts the level of energy through feedback and monitoring of the patient’s body. 

The candidates not considered for treatment are those with an implantable device or metal replacement. Also, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. You can explore body contouring options with a board-certified dermatologist in Delray Beach, contact Balshi Dermatology at (561) 272-6000

Body Parts that can be treated with Vanquish

Currently the Vanquish laser was built to mostly treat your core. The abdomen and the flanks (those love handles we adore so much) are perfect size to target a large reduction. It has been known to be able to treat the back of the waist (or muffin top), the bra line, as well as the outer thighs. 

Doctors are hoping in the future to be able to design and adapt new applicators to allow procedures for the smaller parts of the body like the arms and inner thighs. Currently the applicators are too large to target more specific body areas. 


 Vanquish Laser Permanent?

Like most fat loss procedures, there is a level of maintenance post-procedure, to ensure you continue to have the best results. In a Landmark four-year study, the majority of patients were able to keep an average of 75% of their initial results. 

It is known that fat cells don’t grow back after your procedure but are still suggested to patients to try and maintain a stable weight. The fat cells that are left over to create a nice and even look, can expand if weight is gained. However, most patients found it easy to continue and keep their reduction in their abdominal circumference with an active and healthy lifestyle. 


Ways to Compare Vanquish Laser to Other Noninvasive Procedures

When comparing advantages and disadvantages the Vanquish Laser next to it’s fat loss competition, there are a few points to consider that might make this procedure unique to you. 


-More Fat-Loss

In addition to being able to treat large areas. Comparing Vanquish to the 20%-24% of destroyed fat cells in similar procedures, Vanquish Laser can reduce up to 30% of fat deposits. Although it cannot replace surgical procedures such as liposuction, it does have a greater ability for fat loss than similar noninvasive procedures. 


-Little to no side-effects 

This topical procedure leaves no visible reaction to the external or internal parts of the body. With a higher chance to leave as you came, and continue on your regular day to day. It’s optimal for any patient with concerns. 

In comparison to procedures that use cold temperatures to destroy fat cells. Fat cells can be known to freeze and harden. This can produce a lump under the skin in the shape of the applicator used in the freezing procedure. These are abnormal reactions to freezing temperature which Vanquish cannot create because it uses heat instead. On the contrary, all studies show that Vanquish actually improves skin tone and firmness with no adverse side effects.


-Higher Comfortability

The level of comfortability with Vanquish is proven to be far above its similar counterparts. For other non-invasive procedures, a large number of people experienced side effects such as tingling, burning, or stinging sensations during these procedures. Whereas with Vanquish, the temperatures don’t rise above an uncomfortable state.

Most patients have described it similar to a warm massage. In contrast to similar procedures that have been studied, any discomfort or irritation lasts only 24 to 48 hours. Other procedure’s patients have reported side effects to last anywhere up to three weeks post-procedure. 


-No Weight Limit

Did you know many body contouring procedures have a weight limit for patients? Either for reasons such as high BMI, safety, or simply technology won’t be effective enough for all patients. Vanquish produces results on all patients. Even for patients with a BMI over 30. There are no risks for complications and the results can be just as effective.

Not only for overweight individuals, but also for lean individuals alike. Most procedures are ruled by a “pinchable fat” concept. Vanquish does not. This is a way for lean patients to achieve significant muscle definition or contour to desired proportions. 


-Best fat-loss and improved skin elasticity 

Not only is it a safe and practical option for fat-loss and body contouring. In addition, it is perfect for individuals who would like to improve skin elasticity and reduce cellulite or “spot-reduce” in stubborn areas. 

It is a low-risk, with no downtime procedure that has proven safe and optimal for most patients. 

For procedures like the Vanquish Laser, the restrictions for patients are minimal, the risk is low, and the effect it has on your regular life is zero to none. Not to mention, who wouldn’t like the option to choose how to contour your body the way you feel comfortable? With less concern and better results, Vanquish Laser is an option to consider that might be hard to beat.


To explore body contouring options with a board-certified dermatologist in Delray Beach, contact Balshi Dermatology at (561) 272-6000 or send us a message on our Contact Page to set up your appointment.