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Laser Hair Removal at Home vs. By a Doctor

Laser hair removal is great until you pay for it. Compared to waxing and shaving, laser hair removal is more expensive, however, the results are amazing and long lasting. Visiting Dr. Balshi for your Delray Beach laser hair removal treatments, to have your laser appointments will cost you, but the benefits greatly outweigh the price.

That’s why people are wondering if it would be possible to do this at home and looking for the best hair removal system. The answer is yes and there are machines that are made for home use. But there are pros and cons to doing so. The quality of getting hair removed also differs as there won’t be any professional doing the procedure at home. To help you decide, here is a short review of┬álaser hair removal at home vs. by a doctor.

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Criteria 1: Laser Hair Removal Cost

One of the primary considerations is cost. If you want to save, DIY hair removal is always the cheaper option. You don’t have to spend on anyone’s professional fee, the transportation, and the actual service. You only have to buy your own machine. An IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Machine costs at least $200 but it’s now older technology and you don’t know how to properly and safely use it. It’s much cheaper to buy a machine because you wouldn’t need a heavy duty or high tech one. On the other hand, professional doctor offices have a wide range of equipment so that they can cover all kinds of skin tones and hair colors. here at BALSHI DERMATOLOGY we use the Soprano Ice Platinum machine.

Criteria 2: Permanent Hair Removal Procedure Safety

Aside from the price, safety is a top concern. Although permanent hair removal at home is relatively safe, nothing compares to having it done in a professional doctor office. Here our team is knowledgeable and trained sufficiently to know the right treatment for your skin. If you’re wondering why there are different treatments, its because dark-skinned people aren’t recommended to use IPL devices.

Criteria 3: Accessibility

There’s no doubt that DIY laser hair removal machines are more accessible if you’re willing to shell out the money and experiment on trying to make it work and get decent results (not recommended!). You can try to remove hair in the comfort of your home and you don’t have to schedule appointments beforehand. However, the challenge with this is that you have to discipline yourself when it comes to how many times you use the laser treatment. You have to remember that there is only a certain amount that your body can take lasers. It isn’t advisable to do this every other day and all around your body, to say the least. You also don’t know the proper way to use it and can very easily hurt yourself.

Criteria 4: Ease of use

IPL devices are fairly easy to use and only a few instructions are needed. However, what makes DIY difficult is that you won’t be able to properly remove all the hair. Our team of Delray Beach skincare professionals can easily give you flawless skin right after the laser hair removal procedure and all you have to do is to just lie down and relax. On the other hand, if you choose to do this on your own, then you might end up being stressed out because there’s so much to do just to get all the hair out.

In the end, there are merits to doing laser hair removal on your own. There’s also nothing like being treated by a highly skilled professional with the latest high tech machine of the most recent technology. It all comes down to what’s more important to you – to be able to skimp, take risks and save up on the expensive treatments…….or to have a more relaxing experience with guaranteed results.

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