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Top 10 FAQ About Laser Hair Removal

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Although laser hair removal in Delray Beach is starting to become popular among men and women, not a lot of people are familiar with how it works.

So to give you the basic knowledge about laser hair removal,

Here Are The Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal in Delray:


  1. How does laser hair removal work?

Laser removal uses a beam of light that is put in contact with the area where you want to remove unwanted hair. The high temperature that the beam emits is absorbed by the pigment found on the skin (melanin) which is also responsible for hair growth. Once melanin absorbs too much heat, the hair follicles’ growth slows down.


  1. Is it better than waxing?

Although waxing is a good way to remove unwanted hair, laser removal is much better since it’s more effective even if you’ve only had four trips to the clinic. It’s also said that laser hair removal lasts longer – meaning less hair will grow over time and they get thinner faster than when you wax.

  1. Is it safe?

Laser hair removal is FDA approved and is widely offered by clinics nationwide. However, there are certain things to watch out for – discoloration of the skin for a time when heat is applied, and a slight pain. But you don’t have to worry too much about the pain because it goes away after a few seconds.

  1. How much does it cost?

The average cost per treatment is around $150-300 per body part. The price varies depending on what area of the body you will get lasered. The more expensive treatments are for the legs, chest, arms, and back which reaches $250-300 per treatment. We have HUGE discounts for full body packages (chest, back, arms, shoulders, and neck)! Check with us for our current rates.

More Great Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal Treatments with Our Delray Beach Dermatology Team


  1. Which body parts can be lasered?

For both men and women, you can apply this treatment to the underarms, genitals, arms, legs, back, and face.

  1. What should I do before getting a treatment?

Before going to your appointment in the salon, make sure that the hair on your body parts isn’t long. If they are, the professional will ask you to trim it. You shouldn’t also expose yourself to too much sunlight right before.

  1. Is it permanent?

Laser hair removal is almost permanent. Meaning, hair grows so slowly that it might as well not grow. Also, when the hair actually grows, their thickness is lessened.

  1. Can I do this at home?

Doing laser treatments at home is possible provided that you have the right equipment, but it’s not a commercial strength unit like ours so you will get less than favorable results. And even if you have the right treatment, you have to be extra careful because you have to adjust the settings of your device to fit your skin tone and hair color. Don’t take the risk!

  1. What are the other benefits of using a laser?

Because laser treatments have a tool that touches your skin, it is more precise. All the hair in the area that the laser touches gets removed. You can be sure that no tiny hair strands get left behind.

  1. What are the bad effects?

When not done properly, discoloration can happen to your skin. It is mostly temporary, but there are very few cases where the changes in pigmentation lasted for a long time. You might also get wounded if the person puts the laser on a spot more than once.

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