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Advantages of Getting Laser Hair Removal

Soprano laser hair removal Delray Beach - Balshi DermatologyIf you’re one of the people who hate having pubic hair, armpit hair, and anal hair, then you have probably considered trying almost-permanent solutions just so you don’t have to constantly get a wax in those parts. Well, there’s good news for you because there is an almost-permanent solution to your unwanted hair woes and that’s laser hair removal.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal makes use of a beam of light that touches your skin. When the heat gets absorbed, it directly affects the melanin which is found at the base of each and every hair follicle. When high heat is absorbed by the hair follicle, the hair falls out from where it’s growing making laser hair removal a good option if you want to slow down the growth of unwanted hair.

What Are The Benefits of Getting Hair Removed by Lasers?


  1. It’s mostly-permanent

Take note, it says “mostly-permanent” which means that your hair won’t stop growing, but some might come back lightly. The common misconception with laser hair removal is that it’s totally permanent. However, what it really does is slow the growth of your hair that it sometimes gets confused with not growing. Some observations also show that regular laser hair removal makes your hair thinner.

Take, for example, pubic hair. The first time you get a laser you’ll notice that the hair in the pubic area tends to be curly and thick. Regular laser sessions will make it thinner and easier to remove in the long run.

  1. It’s convenient

You only need to remember two things when getting a laser hair removal. First, you need to schedule it and book an appointment. Second, avoid using tanning lotions and oils as they will affect the outcome of the treatment. Other than that, you don’t have anything to worry about. Unlike wax, you have to grow out your hair long so that they get attached to either the cold or hot wax. For laser treatment, the moment you see tiny hair, you can already book an appointment to get it removed.

Another reason why it’s convenient is that it only takes at most 30 minutes to get a laser done. If you’re getting smaller body parts treated like your armpits, you won’t even stay in the clinic for more than 10 minutes. It’s that fast!

  1. It focuses on the part you want to be treated

In other words, the treatment is precise. If you only want armpit hair removed, then the hair on your arms won’t be affected. This is because the beam of light is focused and it only affects the part where it has direct contact with your skin.

  1. It’s painless

Aside from side effects that you might get, the whole laser hair removal treatment is painless. The heat can be disturbing at first because you aren’t used to it, but it will only last for a few seconds that you will learn to tolerate it. You will also be given an eye mask so your eyes won’t get irritated with the light.

When it comes to side effects, they are only temporary and they aren’t causing pain. A possible side effect is mild skin discoloration which will only show for a few minutes.

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