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Is Latisse Eyelash the Best Product for Growing My Lashes?

Latisse was previously known as the medication bimatoprost, and bimatoprost was originally marketed under the brand Lumigan. Lumigan is used as a prescription eye drop to help treat patients that suffer from glaucoma. As an unexpected side effect of this medication, patients began to notice thicker and longer eyelashes. This is what led to creating, branding and marketing the Latisse eyelash growth serum. 

Latisse is an FDA approved serum used to apply around the lash line of the upper lid, not the lower lid. By using Latisse daily for about two months, you will notice thicker, longer and darker lashes. As long as the medication is being used continually, long and improved eyelashes will continue to remain and grow. Without the additional maintenance of Latisse, your eyelashes will eventually return to their original state.

What are the side effects of Latisse eyelash treatment?

Just like any treatment, Latisse has side effects. These side effects are very uncommon, but it’s good to know any potential risks. These side effects may include: 

  • Masking glaucoma
  • Possible mild nerve damage
  • Darker eyelid pigmentation, much like the iris pigmentation. However, this side effect normally isn’t permanent and will subside after discontinued use.
  • If you have pre-existing conditions like uveitis, Latisse has a small risk of intraocular inflammation
  • Macular edema. This is a very small risk where the fluid pressure in the eye changes. This can impact overall eye health and vision.
  • Contact lens complications. Latisse and contact lenses have been known to have risky side effects. Because contact lenses are soft in material, Latisse has been known to be absorbed by the lenses and cause your eyes to be in direct contact with the medication benzalkonium chloride. The recommendation is to remove your contact lenses before your Latisse application and wait at least 15 minutes before putting them back in.
  • Red, dry, or itchy eyes
  • Rare visual complications
  • The darkening of the iris. This mostly affects people with a lighter eye color. The darker pigment shows up as brown spots that are caused by additional melanin.

Even though when usage of Latisse stops, the eyelashes return to its original state, some of the side effects like the darkening of the iris may be permanent. If any of these are cause for concern, talk to your doctor about your options with Latisse.

Latisse eyelash treatment is very widely used

Latisse is only available as a prescription because it is considered a medication. Latisse was involved with clinical trials and studies that involved over 300 individuals. Over half of the patients that were studied experienced about a 25% lash growth and strength with increased thickness over 106%. This makes Latisse one of the most popular eyelash growth serums on the market. Purchases have been logged at one Latisse prescription being sold every 30 seconds.

So, Latisse is obviously worth the hype! Nowadays, women buy into lash extensions as often as they do mascara. It’s no secret why this has become a very popular remedy for longer, thicker lashes when lash looks are trending.

At any given time, about 90% of your eyelash follicles are in a growth cycle. Latisse helps the growth phase by elongating the time each follicle stays there. This is what helps thicken and strengthen the lashes and adds more lashes to the growth phase all at one time. Lash growth on lash growth, if you will.

Most results are seen around 12 to 16 weeks of constant maintenance. Not similar to other eyelash enhancers, the real results lie in Latisse being a prescribed medication proved to work in both clinical trials and scientific studies. 

This means the robust marketing around Latisse isn’t just a ploy to get you to try an enhancer for a day. These are real results from real studies affecting over 79% of people in the long term improvements.

Who benefits from Latisse eyelash treatment?

For all individuals involved, Latisse will take time before it starts to display any results. This is not an overnight remedy, and the results are never immediate. For the average person, results may not be visible until about two months of treatment. At two months, most individuals have darker and much longer eyelashes. 

For some people, the benefit of Latisse is more than just aesthetics. Latisse can really benefit people who deal with or have dealt with:

  • Genetics that cause thinner or lighter lashes
  • Loss of lashes due to an injury
  • Loss of hair due to chemotherapy
  • Loss of hair due to other cancer treatments
  • Medical conditions that affect the eyes, eyelids, and eyelashes

Using Latisse is a maintenance routine, not a permanent solution. When you discontinue usage of Latisse, your results will revert back to their original state. Once you first notice growth, it’s imperative that you continue to use the Latisse treatment regularly.

How does Latisse work?

It’s Easy!

Latisse is an easy to use medication! Latisse comes with a sterile application process to apply the medication serum. All that is needed is one drop of Latisse with the brush of the applicator that gets applied to the upper eyelid. 

Once you use an applicator, it gets disposed of and a new one is used to continue the process the next day. Each medication of Latisse comes with step-by-step instructions to ensure proper use and the best results. 

It’s Safe!

Rest assured this medication has gone through thorough testing. Aside from some side effects that are rare and uncommon but present, Latisse is entirely safe. 

The only individuals who should not consider Latisse are those who are pregnant or nursing. Latisse hasn’t been found to cause any major birth issues but isn’t considered safe regardless. 

Latisse is the only known lash enhancement on the market that is FDA approved. Thickness, strength and length have all been proven in research and studies that not only does it work, it’s safe. 

Latisse eyelash treatment is ideal for growing lashes

Latisse has been pitted up against many other competitive brands for lash growth. You may see other serums like LASHFOOD, Neutrogena Healthy Lashes, Rapid Eye Eyelash, Revitalash, and more. In comparison, these lash growth products are designed to contain vitamins like biotin and vitamin B. However, all ingredients are considered non-medicated ingredients, unlike Latisse. 

With so many lash serums rolling out on the market, the competition is endless. Getting feedback from each product would be impossible. Customer reviews and checking the list of ingredients can help you make a confident decision. 

If you are looking for more detail and guidance on lash growth, talk to your doctor about your concerns, goals, and budget. They are well suited to give the best advice on what could be effective for you based on your eyelash needs and goals.

Learn more about Latisse eyelash treatments at Balshi Dermatology in Delray Beach, Florida

Latisse is a topical formula that can be prescribed by a dermatologist. Discuss the benefits of Latisse with Dr. Balshi to see if it is right for you! Once prescribed, Latisse is applied each night, and the patient can watch as the lashes become more enhanced.

If you would like to learn more about your options for Latisse Eyelash Serum as an eyelash enhancement prescription, schedule a consultation with Dr. Balshi at (561) 272-6000 or request an appointment.