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How Vanquish Fat Removal Treatments Can Help You

What is Vanquish fat removal?

Vanquish is a type of body contouring that is unlike the liposuction you may be familiar with. It’s a non-invasive and non-surgical option to remove size from the abdomen and thighs. It’s an entirely safe way to selectively heat fat tissue in your problem areas and get the shape you’re looking for. 

Not only is Vanquish fat removal safe, but it’s also an FDA-approved practice of body contouring. Vanquish fat removal uses radio-frequency energy to target then destroy fat cells. This radio-frequency heats up the fat cells, resulting in fatty cell shrinkage and elimination. Our fat cells are sensitive to temperature and become damaged when they are exposed to extremes.

Once Vanquish destroys the fat cells, the lymphatic system takes a few weeks to start flushing the damaged cells out of the body. This is what causes permanent fat removal. Once they’re eliminated, they don’t come back!

Although the energy is meant to destroy the fat cells underneath, the device used to administer the treatment never comes in contact with the skin, making it an extremely safe procedure. 

Vanquish fat removal is labeled under the body sculpting category. This means that the treatment isn’t meant for vast amounts of weight to be lost, but instead for reshaping the body with the removal of fat deposits. This can be achieved by various procedures, both surgically and non-surgically. Liposuction is the most common surgical procedure for the past few decades.

How long is each treatment?

One of the biggest advantages of Vanquish fat removal is the size of the device used to administer the treatment. The applicator is able to treat larger areas like the abdomen in a favorable amount of time. This means there are fewer treatments to get the results you’re looking for, where typically other non-surgical body sculpting treatments take much longer. 

On average, people will start to see the benefits after 4 treatment sessions, with one treatment per week. Each treatment lasts about 30 to 45 minutes with no recovery or downtime. It also doesn’t require any post-procedure instructions so going right back to regular activities isn’t hindered.

During your Vanquish fat removal treatment…

During Vanquish fat removal treatments, the applicator never touches your skin and the most you’ll feel is a warming sensation in the area being treated. Some refer to it as relaxing because it feels like you’re being covered in a warm blanket. Other patients noted that the warm sensation even lasted a few hours post-treatment.


Depending on the patient’s fat removal goals, size, and the area being treated, the results can vary from person to person. Some patients see results after the first session that become more pronounced after the following sessions. Some patients drop an entire size after four or more sessions. 

One of the better advantages of Vanquish is that it kills the whole fat cell instead of just the fat inside the cell. These results are typically long-lasting as long as it’s coupled with a healthy lifestyle.


Vanquish fat removal is the first-ever non-contact fat removal system. Compared to other treatments, this is one of the most comfortable. Once the applicator is positioned, above the skin, it delivers the RF energy in areas that need fat removal. This makes it more diverse than other options and doesn’t limit the patient in the areas they prefer to treat. It is an entirely painless experience without the risk that surgery presents and side effects. 

Because it can cover a larger surface area, that means it can remove more fat per treatment than any other non-invasive fat removal treatment. You can even see results start to show after one session! Vanquish is a great option to get rid of stubborn fat without surgery.

Who Should Get Vanquish Fat Removal?

Vanquish is a procedure for both men and women. It’s efficient in terms of cost and recovery time in comparison to surgery for anyone’s body shaping improvement goals. It’s specifically designed to reduce fat in large areas like the thighs and abdomen. It’s also available to patients with any Body Mass Index. 

This makes Vanquish fat removal great to give your weight loss a jump start! Seeing results after one session can give anyone the motivation to continue to stick to a healthy lifestyle and contribute to long-term weight loss goals. 

It’s a great option to add to any diet and exercise program for optimal results!

Do you feel you’ve done everything you’re supposed to do and still cannot get rid of stubborn fat? Bulges, love handles, or lower belly fat? This non-invasive Vanquish fat removal procedure may be the solution to your problems. 

Vanquish can help you eliminate problem areas and contour your body easily and effectively for long-term results. It helps close the gaps between traditional surgery and weight loss and modern procedures. Forget anesthesia, surgery, or a long recovery time. Vanquish is fast, painless, and effective!

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