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Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Delray Beach

soprano-ice-laser hair removal delray beach-Balshi DermatologyYou are not the only one who finds getting rid of unwanted hair. It’s time-consuming, and at times, frustrating. While shaving is an easy way to remove it, it is not as effective and you might find the hair growing back thicker. Thanks to laser hair removal practices, there is now an easier and more effective way to reduce unwanted hair. In just a few sessions, you might be able to say goodbye to it all for forever.

Many people have heard about laser hair removal treatment in Delray Beach, but may not be as aware of newer technologies that have come out recently, like the Soprano Ice system. Here are some interesting facts that you might want to know about it.

  1. No More Pain

One of the highlights of the newest laser hair removal system is that it is pain-free. You would most likely only feel the area getting warmer during the application, to maybe feeling some pins or needles. If you have tried waxing, you know how painful that is in comparison so having no pain is a welcome change.

  1. It Uses Cooling Methods

A way to reduce the pain is to use cooling methods. Another advantage is that it keeps the procedure safe. There are different types of cooling methods used, from contact cooling, cryogen spray, or air cooling.

Laser-Hair-Removal-Treatment-Balshi Dermatology Delray Beach

  1. Various Wavelengths are Available

If you wonder how these laser treatments can be different, it is because of the wavelengths they use. The safety and effectiveness of the procedure are dependent on which laser is used. There is a choice between Alex, Diode, or ND; and laser systems actually use 2 or 3 to be more effective.

  1. Techniques Also Vary

Most common laser treatments use “shots”, which means the device will shoot out one high energy pulse unto the hair follicles, then moves and shoots out another pulse. Even with a cooling system, this method can be painful. On the other hand, Soprano Ice emits, for every second, 10 lower power pulses, while the applicator is moved around. This means the hair follicles still get enough heat exposure to avoid re-growth of the hair while the surrounding tissue avoids injury.

  1. You Need a Few Sessions

While hair can permanently be removed through laser treatment, it will definitely take some time. To achieve the results you are aiming for, it is safe to budget 6 to 8 sessions, with about 4 to 6 weeks in between. This is done so that the remaining hair has the time to grow before being subjected to laser hair removal again.

  1. Prepare for the Appointment

You should take care to make the following preparations before every session. Shaving is allowed, but other methods of removing hair like plucking or waxing are strictly prohibited. You should also refrain from more sun exposure, sunbeds or even fake tans. About 8 hours before the session, you should shave the area.

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Laser removal provides a breakthrough in permanent hair removal so that there is no more need to shave or wax every few weeks. Not only can you enjoy the process more, but you can also reap the benefits of being hair-free everywhere.

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