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Skin Care Goals For 2021

Your skin is the largest organ of the body! It requires a lot of consistent care to keep it at it’s best. Not only in function but in appearance. We all try to reduce or minimize wrinkles, freckles, breakouts, and moles to maintain a youthful glow. Which sometimes feels like an uphill feat.

We’re always ready for a fresh start. So, this is the perfect time to learn, reflect, and change habits that don’t serve you or your skin.

Start off the rest of the year with a 2021 skin care routine that your skin deserves. No matter where you end up, glowing skin is always in style.

2021 Skin Care Goals

Let’s decide which steps are necessary and which can stay. Are you hydrating? Do you exfoliate? Are you using sunscreen? These are all questions to start asking. We get into habits and become lazy in our routines that doing the necessary research to further better your beauty regime becomes more of a challenge than a benefit. Make sure to ask yourself all the right questions! Our skin care routine is a formula based on our specific needs for our specific skin types.

Talk to your healthcare provider or trusted dermatologist for guidance on how to answer these questions and to help you come up with a plan to check the box on all your skin care goals.

First question we need to ask is… what’s your skin type? Everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently to all kinds of products. The accepted general skin types in most communities are oily, dry, normal, and a combination of one or the other. Answering the question: Which skin type are you? Will help you figure out which products you need and ingredients you need to prioritize in your skin care routine.

Ingredients are important! Some ingredients are staples and can/need to stick around. Most ingredients will address your specific needs and issues. However, some ingredients you may need to steer clear from. Some that may work for your friend but not for you.


Start using retinol at any age. I mean, younger than 19 and you shouldn’t really be considering it quite yet. But for those of us who are beyond some of those teenage years, it’s time to actually start and embrace using retinol in our skin care routine.

It’s your skin’s best friend! It brightens, boosts collagen production, reduces acne, sweeps away dead skin cells, and is similar to an antioxidant to fight damaging free radicals. You need this in your skin care routine!


Even if you have acne-prone oily skin. Moisturizing is good for both dry and oily skin. It’s not just for those who suffer from dry skin. 

Sleep Masks.

Nighttime face masks are a thing in 2021. And there’s a reason! There are face masks that work to give you beautiful skin while you sleep, using AHAs and hyaluronic acid to exfoliate and hydrate your skin.


Whether you realize it or not, your diet affects your skin. A good diet can provide you with all the skin-nourishing nutrients like:

  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Berries
  • Beans, peas and lentils
  • Salmon
  • Nuts

Not just for beauty but for health. Who can deny having both?!

Drink Water.

You knew this was coming. Water is important for overall health and body functions. But it’s also super important for your skin. If you’re not drinking enough water your skin can become dry and lose elasticity. This can also cause irritation and itchiness. This increases the chances for acne and wrinkles.

Especially living in hotter climates we know the heat and humidity take its toll. We also lose a lot of water through perspiration, which makes it even more crucial to drink as much water as possible. An ounce for each pound you weigh – to be exact! Everyday! 

SPF – Wear Sunscreen Daily!

Always apply sunscreen. Even when it’s cloudy or rainy. Sunscreen is important! Use SPF 30 to cover your entire body, especially your face and reapply every two hours!

This helps reduce the chance of sun damage but also premature aging and skin cancer later in life. Regular use of sunscreen can lower your melanoma risk by 50%!

Schedule Your Annual Dermatologist Appointment.

Don’t wait till you have areas of concern. See your dermatologist! An annual dermatologist appointment should be part of your yearly health and wellness routine. Not only can your dermatologist help with any possible concerns or suspicious moles, acne, dry skin, but they will be able to evaluate your skin overall. These notes can help you take charge over time especially when it comes to aging, texture, tone, and much much more.

Moisturize Regularly.

Moisturized skin looks much better and feels much better. Keeping your skin hydrated is important. It reduces dryness and wrinkles. The best time to apply moisturizer is right after a warm shower or bath when your skin is still holding water and moist. This allows your skin to trap moisture and absorb the moisturizer more quickly and more efficiently.

Avoid Touching Your Face!

This is much harder said than done because we use our hands for everything. But, our fingers are the number one culprit for carrying all kinds of dirt and bacteria. It’s easy to transfer that to your face! It’s also the last place you would rather that dirt end up! Avoid touching your face as much as possible throughout the day. This can help avoid pore-clogging irritants from creating breakouts and irritation.

Including – popping pimples! No matter how satisfying that may be. When you pop a pimple it spreads all the bacteria in the surrounding area and creates an open wound. This not only leads to more breakouts and acne, but possible scarring and pigmentation changes on the face.

Scratch These Off Your List!

Expired Products.

Make sure to always throw out old and expired products. We all do that thing where we buy a beauty product and forget we have it. Throwing it away seems like a waste but it would benefit your skin to do so. It’s time for spring cleaning early! Organize your bathroom and toiletries. 

Some beauty products don’t have an expiration date so you’ll have to use your best judgement for some products.

Take Advice From Your Dermatologist.

Avoid Instagram for skin care inspiration. Instagram influencers can’t help you take control of your specific skin type. Start taking advice from dermatologists and licensed professionals. There are plenty to find, even on social media. Follow them, ask and soak up their knowledge. They don’t get paid per product like professional influencers. 


You can exfoliate, just the right way. Skip those tiny beads you find in your facial cleanser. Physical exfoliation is actually extremely damaging. The skin is fragile and tears easily. 

Try a chemical exfoliator which uses various acids to break bonds that hold the skin together. 

This helps remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, lighten dark marks, and help give skin the youthful look it deserves.

No DIY Skin care.

Let it go. Your coffee, honey, egg white, oatmeal, whatever belongs in the kitchen. But the truth is, DIY skincare recipes are rarely ever safe, effective or good for your skin.

Stop Sleeping With Your Makeup On.

This is a huge – absolutely not. Makeup helps trap oil, environmental pollutants, and dirt. It’s obvious why sleeping with it is a no-no. This puts stress on the skin that can help breakouts, and lead to a reduction in collagen production and premature aging.

Throw Your Cleansing Face Brush Away.

Much like exfoliation, your skin is too sensitive for this type of friction. Plus, these brushes trap bacteria and that just means you’re spreading germs all over your face.

If you don’t prefer your fingers to apply cleanser, try a silicone device. You can wash bad bacteria from a silicone device and keep from tearing your skin up all at once.

No Peel-Off Masks.

We love them. They’re fun, satisfying, and give you a chance to oogle the junk that comes out of your face. But – don’t. 

Makeup Wipes.

Right next to peel-off masks, leave the wipes. Rubbing and scrubbing to get your makeup off is basically creating wrinkles and fine lines by your own hand! 

Use the alternative cleansing balms. These ingredients dissolve and wash away makeup.

The board certified dermatologists and skin care professionals at Balshi Dermatology are here to help you start 2021 with the best – most youthful skin possible! Regardless of your area of concern or skin care goals, if you’re looking to discuss the best treatments to help you achieve skin care goals – whatever they may be – or looking to have a peace of mind with a full body and skin check, we are here to provide you with the absolute best patient care.

Looking For Guidance On A New Skin Care Routine? Call Balshi Dermatology For All Your Questions!

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