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Leading Delray Beach Dermatologist Dr. Balshi

Delray Beach Dermatologist Dr. BalshiIf you have acne, you may want to visit our leading Delray Beach dermatologist Dr. Balshi for treatment. While some people assume that blemishes only appear during puberty, you likely know that is not true, especially if you have been suffering from this skin condition for many years.

The products that you have used on your face, such as cleansers and topical ointments from the drugstore, may not be powerful enough to keep the blemishes away from your face.

When your skin is not clear, you may not feel confident. When you are walking around, you might even feel like everyone else is looking at your skin, which could easily ruin your self-esteem. However, there are ways to treat your skin so that you do not have to experience the embarrassing blemishes in the future.

Seeing a dermatologist is much better than continuing to waste money on products that are not helping you see any results. When you first come to the office, the dermatologist will need to ask you some very important questions to better understand how long you have been dealing with this problem. Some of the questions may even include:

-When did you first start experiencing the blemishes?
-Does your skin often feel too oily?
-Do you often suffer from cystic acne?
-Are blackheads a concern of yours?
-What types of products have you used in the past?

Answering these questions could help the dermatologist decide on a treatment to start you on, such as a topical ointment, cream, cleanser or even a medication that you would need to take orally. Before deciding on anything, you will get to find out some of the options that could work the best for you. If the dermatologist does not think your acne is too severe, you may end up with a prescription for a topical gel.

Some of the common topical gels used to combat blemishes include Epiduo, PanOxyl, and Aczone. When you first begin using such gels, they may make your skin a bit dry, but that should improve in the span of a few days, along with your acne. With more severe cases, an oral medication may be needed, such as Accutane.

There are some people who say that they originally suffered from a breakout when they first started using the oral medication but slowly started to see a major improvement. It may take some time for these prescription products to work completely, but you should start to have healthier and clearer skin if you continue to use them as directed.

As with anything that you use on your face or take orally, side effects could potentially occur, but these anti-acne products are designed to improve the skin. You will get to discuss some of these different options with our leading Delray Beach dermatologist ahead of time.

If one type of treatment does not work after a period of time, there are always numerous other treatments worth trying because of the effective results many others have been able to see. Call us today for an appointment at 561-272-6000.