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Body Contouring With Vanquish Treatment

Shedding Fat And Inches With Vanquish Treatment

While it may take some time before you can finally achieve that hourglass, slim-waisted figure, there is now a technology that is not only proven effective, it is also considered generally safe by our U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Vanquish Treatment is a body contouring technology that aims to eliminate the body’s unwanted fat cells in a non-invasive way.

Vanquish Treatment Delray Beach

Fat around the belly region has always befuddled man and woman alike. There seems to be no answer to why many individuals tend to grow wider around the waist than on any other part of the body. With science, it is now understood that the problem is in the anatomy itself. Owing to the fact that there is not much pressure in the abdominal cavity to prevent the deposition of fat lobules, fat tends to accumulate in this region forming what is known as visceral fat. This is entirely different from the fat that you see on the inner aspect of your upper arms, the so-called chicken wings. Of course, on the surface of the abdomen are also subcutaneous fat. However, the fat inside the hollow abdominal cavity is what needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, they are located deep within the abdominal cavity.

This is where Vanquish works its magic.

Body contouring should not be confused with fat loss or weight loss treatments. Body contouring is a medical management plan designed to reshape the body into a more appropriate figure. By reducing the amount of visceral fat in the abdominal cavity, the waist line starts to show.

vanquish treatment- fat reduction in DelrayVanquish works by sending highly variable radio frequency waves to heat up targeted fat cells in order to elicit an apoptotic reaction. This simply means that the fat cells naturally die where it is cleared by the different cells of the immune system, primarily macrophages, and neutrophils. The high variability of the radio frequency waves is essential to maintain an even application of the radio frequency waves. It should be noted that fat deposits are layered in such a way that some are naturally deeper than others. As such, fat cells nearer the surface will receive an entirely different wavelength of radio frequency compared to deeper fat cells. This is crucial so that both superficial and deep fat deposits undergo apoptosis for clearance.

Vanquish is a non-invasive method of body sculpting or contouring. Unlike liposuction wherein, an incision has to be made on the abdomen to literally suck out or vacuum the fat cells, Vanquish works by exposing the belly, and other body parts that need to be re-contoured or re-shaped, to the radio frequency waves with the device conveniently suspended off the skin.

Like all radio frequency treatments, there will always be warmth on the area where the waves are applied. However, it should be made clear that there is no pain. Nonetheless, one of the biggest concerns of radio frequency wave treatments is that if it hits dense tissue like bone. Oftentimes, when this happens the surrounding tissues produce a sign or sensation known as a hotspot. Other than that, Vanquish body contouring systems are considered a safer alternative to regaining the natural shape of the body and melting that fat away. Call today to book your appointment!