Age Spot Removal

Laser Therapy for Age Spot Removal

Laser therapy is often the preferred treatment for a wide variety of pigmented lesions including age spots, sunspots, liver spots and brown spots on the skin. The lasers work by emitting specialized beams of light that are passed through the skin, and absorbed by the pigmented skin cells. This laser emission breaks up the pigments and results in clear, smooth, pigmentation-free skin.


Does age spot removal hurt?

The laser treatment is typically described as a snapping of rubber bands against the skin during the procedure, and no needles or injections are involved. The pain is minimal to nonexistent directly following the treatment, and there is minimal swelling and bruising afterwards.

How many treatments are needed?

The average treatment usually consists of 1-3 sessions lasting 15-30 minutes to completely diminish the appearance of age spots. This will be dependent upon the number, size and location of age spots being treated. Darker and larger age spots will occasionally require additional sessions in order to achieve desired results.

Will the age spots return?

Typically, laser removal of age spots will be permanent. However, some spots can appear with increased sun exposure over time. It is important to note that these are NOT the same as those previously removed with laser treatment. Spots that appear after treatments are the formation of new spots. It is recommended to carefully apply sunscreen on the treated areas and to minimize further sun exposure.

Is this procedure safe?

Laser treatments are definitely safe! The advanced light system and laser treatment techniques have been safely treating millions of people of all ages worldwide. The systems are targeted to treat only the pigmented lesions, which ensures all surrounding tissues remain intact.

Are there any after effects?

Immediately following your procedure, you may experience slight discoloration of the affected and treated area. Several days later, a crust will form over the area and fall off within 7 to 14 days. In some instances, discoloration may last for up to several months.